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Celestion speakers played a huge role in reproducing the legendary guitar tone character of the past. They seem to be the speakers of choice for many boutique guitar builders currently. This is a page talking about their unique characteristics.

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Jun 23

The AlNiCo Blue(s)

Celestion Speakers - The G12H Alnico BlueAlthough an expensive speaker (depending from where you buy it of course), considering that it was initially created as a humble radio speaker, the AlNiCo Blue G12 stands out from all past and current Celestion speakers productions.

The specific silky character of the upper-mids (because of the AlNiCo magnet) and chimey top frequencies, together with the rich and organic lows gave the legendary tone that’s unmistakeably recognizable in the old Voxes and Marshalls.

Probably the Vox AC-30 guitar amp of the past is the best guitar tone machine that is unimaginable without the dual 12” AlNiCo Blue Celestion speaker. Think of Brian May of Queen who pushed the Blue to the front of every Celestion speakers.

A loud speaker, mind you (at 100 dB), coupled with a ceramic magnet G12M “Greenback” that adds aggressiveness to the mix, the Blue shines as a full blue moon on the canopy of the Celestion speakers.